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Somnimage is proud to announce the release of "Transmutations" by Brume / Bokeh

This collaborative project started in 2011. Source material was traded, mixed and re-mixed.
The end result is 4 tracks of exquisite drones and soundscapes.
We hope this release takes you to a place in your head that you would like to visit over and over.

Brume is French sound-sculptor Christian Renou. He has recorded under the moniker Brume and his own name since 1985. His compositions treat, assemble and mix acoustic sounds. He relies on dense, rapid-fire montages and electroacoustic ambience.

Bokeh is the duo of Mandy Matz (Theory Anesthetic) and Mykel Boyd.
Bokeh tracks usually start with Boyd's processed field recordings. Once in the hands of Matz they are transformed and layered into beautiful, organic landscapes. Vocals and violin are then added to complete the composition.

"Transmutations" features tracks performed by Brume, Bokeh and 2 collaborative tracks.

Digital Downloads and audio samples available here:

CD (post-paid)
USA = $14.00
Canada = $20.00
Rest of the World = $23.00

Info on the artists are available at:

Blessed Diviner by Vermani Shah
CDR (post-paid)  USA=$12.00  Canada=$18.00   Rest of the World=$20.00

Brand new pro-manufactured cdr by our favorite new Psyched out eastern mystic jazz unit from Texas.
Limited to 100 copies in jewel case.

Digital Downloads and Audio Samples available here:

"22 Empty Gestures" by Mykel Boyd

Book / CDR  (post-paid)   USA=$44.00   Canada=$50.00  Rest of the World=$60.00

Released to coincide with the first solo exhibit by visual / sound artist Mykel Boyd
The show was held April 5th – May 3rd 2013
at Isabel Garcia Arts
Gracia District, Barcelona, Spain

44 page book, size 7" x 7", perfect bound, black and white photos with cdr featuring audio portion for each photo.
Photos are viewable here

Limited to 66 Copies, Signed and Numbered.

Also now available in digital download

Painting Petals on Planet Ghost / Mykel Boyd Split 7"
Features members of My Cat is an Alien

now available as digital download and 7" vinyl (still available, released several years ago).

Still Fresh.............

Mykel Boyd: fever dream one
Limited edition of 100 pro-manufactured cdr's in jewel case
Also available in digital download
order here

Mike Shiflet /Mykel Boyd
Limited edition of 100 pro-manufactured cdr's in jewel case
Also available in digital download
Previously released as a now Out of Print 12" record
order here


Rapoon / Mykel Boyd split 12"
Robin Storey was once a member of Zoviet France. Now he records under Rapoon. He creates beautiful ethno ambient sounds.
Mykel Boyd once saw Zoviet France perform. He makes recordings of things and then alters them to sound like planes taking off.

standard edition 12" on white vinyl in black on black letter pressed sleeve. limited to 200 copies = $22.00 post paid in USA, $26 post paid the world

artist edition includes 12" on white vinyl in white on white letter pressed sleeve and two 10"x10" letterpress prints, one from each artist
limited to 100 copies, signed and numbered. = $65.00 post paid in USA, $70 post paid the world

also now available is....

Francisco Lopez "untitled #272 [antarctica variations]"
Total length: 24 hours
Release format: mp3-160kbps file in Metal USB Flash Drive.
Edition of 300 drives.

Recorded using hydrophones under a 100-meter thick ice sheet on the Ekström ice shelf in Antarctica.
This will be considered a major work by the renowned Spanish sound artist.
$45.00 post paid in USA, $50 post paid the world

In the near future (hopefully this fall), we will have a cd version of the Rapoon / Mykel Boyd record.
It will feature the tracks from the lp as well as remixes by Mystified, Theory Anesthetic and Allan Zane.
Once we work out the edition size it should be off to the pressing plant.
Also this fall we will attempt to finally catch up, with the release of the Vertonen / Mykel Boyd split 12".
As usual,many more interesting projects are in the works.
be seeing you..........
Mykel Boyd